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15 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I am an indian but not from india and would love to join this club.Can I join and if yes how?

    Thank you

  2. hey i would like to join this Indian Community Club
    let me knw if its posb n how to go abt it

  3. Hey there,

    Can you please tell me more about this Club. Like, if I wanna join it or also if I wanna help in the working of it.


  4. i am an indian ,next jan i am coming to do an intial registration programme for nurse in latrobe university. so i wish to join in your committy.awiting your replay

  5. how many students are in univeristy n how many campus r dere, a lil confusing to undersatnd.I require ID of any faithful person b’longing to Punjab State ,who can give me some guidelines as it seems impossible for person like me to arrange money to get into univeristy.
    kindly oblige.

  6. Hi Abhishek,
    This is Swapna.. from Hyderabad (India), i got offer from latrobe uni..
    I got a issue .. can u please help me.
    Can i have your Uni Email ID so that i can communicate.

  7. Hello!

    I am an Indian. I am planning to pursue my MS program in Australia, but parents are resisting due to the media reports on attacks on Indian students.

    Could U please let me know the exact situation over there and is it safe to come to Australia now?

    How good is your university standard and the safety measures implemented to take care of International students. Please brief me about the prevalent conditions.

    Thanks & Regards
    Anusha. A

  8. Hi,

    I would like to join the club…can u please tell me how can i join??


  9. Hi
    Sorry but i was supposed to meet up at 1:30 to pick up my membership today (thursday) but ran late (for very stupid reasons… i actually had tutorial till 2) so tomorrow (friday) is it 1:00 to 1:30 still? cuz i dont have uni tomorrow is it possible for my friend to pick it up on my behalf??

  10. Hello,
    My name is Jwalant Desai,
    I am studying in Master of I.T.
    Can you please tell me more about this Club. Like, if I wanna join it or also if I wanna help in the working of it.


    Warm Regards,
    Jwalant Desai

  11. Hello Friends,
    My name is Jwalant Desai, Studying in Master in I.T in Latrobe university.
    I miss the welcome party organised in March.So i don’t know about this Indian Club.So please tell me where i can find Indian club in University.
    Thank You,
    Jwalant Desai

  12. Hi,

    I am interested in joining the association but I do not know who should I contact and where can I find this club in the university.

    Thank you
    Rohan Mehta

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