Still in India?

Maybe you are a student still in India and have questions that you may want to ask current students like us. Please write your questions clearly in the “Comments” section below and hopefully one of our members will answer them but we cannot guarantee.

Please do not ask any course related queries here as you can find plenty of information on the La Trobe website Course Finder. All posts will be checked before its made visible for our readers. If questions are not suited to this section or not phrased properly, we will delete them.


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  1. Hi.I am planning to pursue my studies in the field of Finance.I don’t have any prior work experience.I am confused whether to opt for MBA-finance or Master of financial Analysis and Professional Accounting.I hold an engineering degree in the field of bioinformatics.If possible please guide me on the same, keeping in the prospects of better employment in the future and international recognition.

    • LTU ISC is not the proper source to advise any course however you are encouraged to email directly to the course coordinator here at La Trobe. As far as recognition is concerned this place is well reputed and is well known to provide exceptional opportunities.

  2. Hi,

    I have La Trobe’s offer letter in hand and plan to come for the feb 2010 intake for MPA course.

    It would be great if you could guide me regarding accommodation out there.

    Are there many Indians in La Trobe?
    Anybody in my field (MPA) ?

    Thank you,
    (Pune, India.)

    • Congratulations on being accepted at La Trobe. We have a big Indian community at La Trobe and this club is one of the initiative to strengthen that. There are a lot of Indian students in you course also and as far your accommodation is concerned let us know when you plan to arrive, so that we can try to arrange something for you.

      • Hey,
        I would be joining in feb 2010 for the course MS in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, I am not able to get a good off-campus accomodation to stay near bundoora campus plus I want to know more details about my course as I only have an overview of the course details given in the website which is not enough for me and also what are the prospects of employment in this field there, I am not aware of. Thank you,

      • I am planning to reach La Trobe around 10th Feb 2010. I am finding it very difficult to search for off-campus accommodation from here. So could you arrange for some temporary accommodation for when I get there.. till the time I find some suitable accommodation?
        Also, should I opt for on-campus accommodation instead? What is the minimum period that one can stay on-campus?

  3. Hi,

    I am Tarun Chhabra and have enrolled for the course in Masters of Financial Analysis,(MFA) which is starting from 1st of March . I would like little assistance in seeking accomodation near the University. How can I become a part of your community. Also please advice me on the necessary things to carry from India.

    Will look forward for a positive response from your end and thanking you in anticipation.



  4. Hi.
    I have accepted the offer letter for MFA at Latrobe university and accordingly booked my tickets.I’ll be reaching there on 12 Feb,but i am still to hear from residential services in connection to the accommodation.I have applied for the same and need some where to lodge for 1st few weeks ,in case the on campus accommodation doesn’t works out.Please do mail me regarding the same.

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